Design Control:

Bird Electric is a full service control system integrator. We offer the resources and expertise necessary for today’s sophisticated industrial control applications.


Markets include Water, Wastewater, Oil and Gas, Security, Transportation, Environmental Groundwater Treatment, Aggregate, Semi Conductor, Health & Safety Gas Detection, Food & Beverage, Chemical Process, and Manufacturing. Bird provides a multitude of integrated Process Control and Instrumentation solutions to enhance complex engineering processes. Total solutions include feasibility, budgeting, implementation, start-up, and commissioning elements.

Communication Technologies

We have expertise with today’s leading communication technologies from leased line to the latest fiber optic, Ethernet based, wireless, and wide area networks. We combine this experience with the latest cyber security practices to build high-performance, highly secure systems.


Bird has unparalled experience in the application of all types of motors and drives, and in the control of motor & drive equipment. We can develop and implement complex control systems, sequence of operation, and systems integration.

Programming and Configuration

Bird Electric is experienced in providing system configuration and customized programming services to create advanced process control solutions. With experience in all major controls and human machine interface (HMI) platforms, we are able to configure systems to work together and perform customized functions. We also have an extensive level of networking expertise and are able to interface various devices using a variety of protocols.


Bird Electric provides calibration startup and training services, which include owner representation oversight and trade management techniques. Bird also provides systems testing and operator and maintenance training to ensure  that operational procedures are learned and applied.

Systems Documentation

Bird Electric has an experienced staff of writers and engineers to provide system documentation for completed projects. Whether it’s providing process and instrumentation diagrams, operation and maintenance manuals, computer aided designs, or functional specifications; the talented staff Bird Electric will be able to describe system infrastructure and functionality clearly.

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