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Founded in 2004
Industry low EMR and TRIR


300+ full time employees.


MBE Certified Contractor.

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Full Suite of Electric Distribution, Transmission, Substation, Instrumentation, and Electrical offerings.



August 12, 2020


August 12, 2020

Programming Automation

July 3, 2020

Electrical Facilities

July 3, 2020


July 3, 2020


July 3, 2020


May 1, 2018

Emergency Restoration

December 29, 2015


Bird Electric has shown outstanding safety and performance on all projects completed for ConocoPhillips. Their availability is second to none by providing 24 hour service for all of ConocoPhillips’ needs.

Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you. From your rapid response and selfless service, we extend a sincere Thank You. The Power of teamwork brought the power back to Maryland from Hurricane Sandy.

We have always found Bird Electric to be more than knowledgeable in their field, and maintain a quality staff of employees who operate in a very safe and professional manner.

I would gladly recommend Bird Electric to any other company as your quality, service, and safety are unmatched. Thank you again for all your hard work.

They provide a full scope of services, necessary to the operation and maintenance of several large oil fields. Also, provided us with a qualified staff of construction and supervisory personnel who were integral to our everyday operation.

During the project, Bird repaired damages and provided everything necessary for a successful project. Bird Electric is going to do the job right.